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The popular categories in plumbing: Drains & Drainage, Plumbing Tools, Pipe Stands & Vises, and Pipe & Fittings.

Among them are the most commonly used Drain Cleaning Machine, V-Head Pipe Jack Stand, Self-Adjusting Heating Cable, Manual Tube Pipe Bender Set, suitable for most pipe work, to meet a variety of pipe maintenance needs.

Excellent quality and reasonable price are well received by users, “Wow. Advertised as a "Fold A Jack" brand. this is tough, bright red, and strong. Helping me balance a car restoration for exact straightness. Half the price of the identical item from many on line sellers.” Best value for money, easy to use, more affordable.

VEVOR, a professional tool and equipment retailer, also offers a wide range of quality plumbing parts, including sewage pump, water purifier, pneumatic sanitary valve, and piping. So feel free visit us any time! Choosing the right products can help you save money and live a green life.